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Fundraising Resources

What to say: Personal stories help show people why the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation is important to you. Tell your personal story or team's story.
How to send: Email and text message remain two of the best ways to inspire donations from friends and family.
Use your network: Your network includes your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and many more. Use them to your advantage!
Social Media: Utilizing social media is an effective and easy way to fundraise. Now that you've created your story you can share it along with your fundraising page link via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Thank your donors: It is best to thank people as soon as you receive their donation, but also follow up after the event to share photos and details about your experience. Keeping your donors involved not only makes them feel appreciated but may also encourage them to donate again in the future. It's also a great idea to thank your team for joining you in this journey as well.

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